What do you like most about Edward?

He’s very passionate and honest. I’d love to love like that; Bella is everything to him. I have not falen as hard as Edward does. (x)

For those who think he’s Edward

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I’m sure a lot of people in Hollywood would do the same

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Some people can’t believe even on CNN … what can I say?


All these tumblr people who are refusing to believe that Kristen would cheat on Rob, making up all sorts of colourful conspiracy theories of photoshopping and setups and publicity stunts — you are all very charming and sweet and — naive. 

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Agree! Some people can’t believe even on CNN … what can I say?

The fans who refuses to believe what she did are not her fans. They only admire the fictional character created by their own minds, not the real person.

About Rob,  I don’t think he’s hurt or anything… I think he’s having so much fun promoting Cosmopolis right now.

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Love the first pic…. wonder what he was thinking.

It looks like someone asked him to do something absurd.

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Can you believe there are people asking me if Angelo Renai is a real priest?

Good job, Rob, that’s why I love your interviews. People always believe it! LMFAO

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